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Car damage is anything but fun. If it does it has nasty consequences. Ideally, you woul gladly give all your worries away and count on a reliable partner who is ready for you. Even at night or on weekends. In Reco Exclusive you can find such a partner. One telephone and any concerns about your damage relies on us

For each part of the repair, we have in-house specialists. People with thorough professional training. Plate workers, mechanics, painters, welders. In short, people who, with their knowledge and skills, are for ready for you. 

Financial settlement

Settle things quickly

We also like to take on the financial settlement with your insurance company. Like no other, we know how insurance companies work, so you will have no worries about that. Our people speak the language of the specialists and come directly to the best possible arrangement. All because you are our customer.

Not only the damage is assessed. Depending on your specific situation, you receive sound advice on the optimal settlement. Our approach is determined by mutual agreement. Based on this, your file will be created.

Financing your repair

Save on your repair

It may be that your many years of perfect driving has opt you for a third party insurance. Understandable! Should you be damaged in an unexpected still moment, we can offer you an attractive financial arrangement. With an interest-free loan, we finance the damage at no additional cost. You pay us a first installment amounting of 20% of the damage upon delivery of your repaired vehicle. The remaining 80% of the amount you pay in up to 15 monthly installments.

Basic Repair
There are also otherways to reduce the cost.  By using generic replacement parts or use exchange components you can determine how the damage is repaired. The choice of replacement car can also help keeping the costs low. We will discuss this with you and determine the most economical solution. This allows you to save up over 25%!

Replacement vehicle

Always mobile

With us, your replacement vehicle not only free, you can further choose what kind of car you would lik to drive. Have you always wanted to drive a Ford Mustang, Hummer H3 or rather a glitzy Pontiac Solstice or hip Ebretti electric scooter? Of course you can just borrow a similar car, like the one you temporarily have to miss. At Reco Exclusive you can do it all. Ask for the possibilities witch the nearest branch to you. 

It also happens that you are not capable of bringen the car back yourself. Visit one of our branches in the opportunity No problem, we can ship your car anywhere, pick up and drop off. Making your comfort is our motto and this way you will always remain mobile.

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